Donnerstag, Mai 13, 2010


As you may have noticed: I really did move to Melbourne after all. Martina and are in the country for a week now and things are starting to put themselves together. It was quite thrilling to walk up to the immigration - Do we have a valid visa? Could it be true that Australia invites us for over four years in less then two week? Yep - it just took them two weeks to grant us a valid working permit. Well the visa was valid an also our luggage including my snowboard did arrive. Yes. A snowboard. Snowmaking has started!

We also managed to find ourselves a nice flat close to the beach and now we just have to wait for our boxes. I already saw the first eight of them in the post shop however I simply too weak to carry 240kg at once. That'll be the task for tomorrow beside signing the lease contract and taking possession. 

Jobwise I am doing ok. I did had some interviews and let's see how it turns out.So have a great weekend.

I'll be busy with moving.

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