Donnerstag, Februar 11, 2010


We all have friends and everybody likes holidays. However if you go on a trip with a lot of buddies there's always the question "Who did pay for which item and how much money do I owe to the other guys?"

It's annoying, isn't it?

Thought so. This is why years ago Stefan came up with a solution which was pretty easy and excel-based. Unfortunately I did loose that first sheet and this why I had to rebuild it from scratch. I didn't know how he created his sheet but I knew it is possible.
By now I have a nice version of that so called "Motrix" and we use it quite often. Martina and I even use a slightly modified version to keep track of our daily expenses.

Anyway. Here is the Google Spreadsheet Version of "DieMotrix". The big advantage over the excel version is that more then one person can work on it without messing it up. You just send out the link to all of the guys, they enter their expenses and in the end you can see who still owes whom any money. To get started just click on the link and make a copy of that file:

DieMotrix V2.1

In there you'll find three tabs: DieMotrix - which is the calculation-sheet itself. X-Change Rates - yes DieMotrix is multi-currency capable and you don't even have to enter the exchange-rate. And finally there is an example of eight guys who made a snowboarding trip to Switzerland. This should be pretty self-explanatory.

Don't fight over money - it isn't worth it.