Sonntag, März 28, 2010

Good Soldiers never die, they just fade away

A few hours ago I just learnd that an old friend of mine died recently. He wasn't that much older than me - just 23 days - so there are some fair questions about why. He was one of the good guys and my thoughts are with his close friends and with his family. Since I didn't had much contact during the past ten years I won't go into details - not that I know something anyway.

But here's a thing which came into my mind: Sladi lived a real life and a part of it can be found in social networks. There is a document of what our generation is doing every day. If we wan't to know something about our ancestors, we have to ask our parents, grand-parents or go to the attic and search for that old photo-album.
But what happens with us? What happens we the things we do? Fifty years from now on maybe my grand-children will be able to read this very post I'm writing right now. Everything we blog, we post and we twitter is conserved for future generations - if we like it or not. Our generation will be the first whose path of life can be followed even decades after we walked that path.
Right now for social networks that isn't an issue, however it will be. What do you do with the profiles of people who simply died? Even though Sladi isn't alive anymore, I think it's right to keep his facebook-profile and moreover to see who cares beside me.

But maybe that's just me. Sladi R.I.P.

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